Home Shipping Timely Delivery Is of Utmost Importance With International Couriers

Timely Delivery Is of Utmost Importance With International Couriers

Timely Delivery Is of Utmost Importance With International Couriers

The reputation of international couriers is made or broken by their delivery times. Do you want to end up with a company that does not honor its promised delivery time or would you rather go with a company that delivers on time over and over again? Of course, you would choose the one with a proven success rate. The interesting thing is that successful delivery times directly correlates with those companies that have the best in customer service as well.

Successful Deliveries

A successful delivery is directly tied into a timely one. Success is more than just getting the goods to their destination on time. It also means a safe delivery, transported via the proper channels. International couriers worth their weight in gold will be able to suggest the shipping option that best suits your needs. For example, if you have goods that are large and take up a lot of space or weight, a sea freight option likely would make more sense than air freight, especially if the destination is half a world away. Of course, if the destination is just a few towns over, some type of road service would likely be the best scenario.

A great global service will have several time sensitive options available for each shipping method available. Do not trust a company that makes blind promises. You need a company that will be straightforward with you, explaining any additional surcharges that may result if you select off-times such as Saturdays or off-peak after hours times. You do not want to be surprised with additional charges above and beyond what you were quoted.

Customer Service

Another facet of timeliness is the effectiveness of the courier’s customer service department. Do you have an account manager that returns your calls promptly if you leave a message? Is the customer service representative handling your shipping needs upfront about delivery options, availability and time? Do they steer you toward the best possible shipping options for your consignments? Prompt service and the most advantageous shipping solutions are all part of the overall appropriateness of a particular shipping company.

Mail service, air freight, road services, sea freight and parcel services should all be a part of the international couriers’ service options you seek when shopping for one that best suits your needs. Other winning attributes include appropriate shipping choices and timeliness in delivery, two more essential characteristics that make for a great overseas and local shipper.