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Writing Strategy: On Getting Inspired Everyday

Writing Strategy: On Getting Inspired Everyday

Getting inspiration from anything within reach is just a piece of cake to other writers. The rest suffers from what we call the-alibi-not-to-write- a-single-word thingy. Yes, for not all times we have the energy to go on with our writing. The lonely path toward making oneself “unseen and unheard” of, for a week, month or year; focusing time and resources to getting a story done till readers are clamoring for more.

So how do we get inspiration to get going, moving till THE END part is done?

Well, here are some ways to get inspiration even without the energy to do so. As long as you are treating yourself a serious one in your passion to stitching characters, events, settings and motivation– you’re on to the exciting journey toward having written your magnum opus and publishing it for the world to partake — both fun and wisdom.

1. Look around you– see, feel, smell, touch the different stimuli which could be a germ of an idea or springboard to jaw-dropping, unstoppable reading binge of your fans, the readers out there who are voraciously devouring every book you’re creating.

2. Make yourself hungry. Yes, for ideas, experiences, wisdom from failures, even immersing oneself to world different from yours. Don’t be afraid to get into other shoes and understand their own travails. This way, you’ll learn something new, fresh and relevant to your writing task, maybe not today but tomorrow. Yes, all stimuli around need our utmost attention.

3. Listen. Eavesdropping is not a sin. It is a must thing to do for a writer like you. You might get something out of people’s conversations, complaints and the like about their jobs, daily grind and so on. Maybe the story you’ll be writing needs a crisp dialog, impactful scenario or even a thought-provoking wisdom from sarcastic response of a grumpy old man.

4. Observe. Activating all your senses so as to get the feel of being a sponge can be lots of fun. Absorbing different vibes of people struggling, eking out a living for survival especially this time of COVID-19 pandemic is great learning experience. Know their stories and learn a thing or two, for your future stories to write, for your readers to partake.

5. Build air castles. Never be afraid to let loose, mentally be a rebel against social norms, creating a different world for your unique characters to flourish amid the set standards of being sane and sound and a saint. Yes, you never know if the world your building could be the next big thing readers would be in awe, together with the gorgeous main character — liken to my wattpad story: Beautiful Chaos and Gorgeous Disaster. Oh what a sigue to promoting my baby.

Well, more to come as we keep on the journey toward making writing a therapy to a broken soul, but even if the journey gets tough, still the tough one gets going, no matter what. Keep on writing, expressing oneself to the world to see the beauty of your mind despite all the odds. Keep on fighting, for your dreams. Keep on writing, for others to making themselves forget their burdens, even just for an hour or two.