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What’s the Variation Among Presenting, Coaching and Facilitating?


There are 3 main kinds of becoming in front of a group: presenting, coaching and facilitating. There is undoubtedly an overlap in ability sets – this sort of as dynamic supply skills, a very good stage existence, a higher likeability degree, the potential to “examine” the viewers. But though they are very similar abilities, they’re not interchangeable. It can be worthwhile to investigate the dissimilarities among the three procedures, so the trainer or presenter or facilitator is familiar with how to accommodate the unique cases.

Presenting: The goal is to existing data in a dynamic, attention-grabbing way

Coaching: The goal is, working with partaking supply, to boost participants’ degree of information or ability

Facilitating: The aim is to regulate the structure and concentration of a team’s conclusion-making method


Presenting: Viewers can be any sizing

Training: Quantity of participants varies, but it can be commonly an typical of 10 to 30

Facilitating: Team dimensions is generally scaled-down, ordinarily below 10


Presenting: Audience is there to receive info

Schooling: Individuals are there to study

Facilitating: Participants are workforce associates who have a frequent goal


Presenting: Speech outline generates logical stream of presentation

Teaching: Study course define results in the understanding construction

Facilitating: Agenda structures the flow of the meeting


Presenting: Presenter is a service provider of information and facts

Instruction: Trainer is a catalyst for mastering

Facilitating: Facilitator manages dynamics of team-generated facts


Presenting: Presenter mostly responses somewhat than asks questions

Training: Trainer asks thoughts to encourage and consider finding out

Facilitating: Facilitator works by using issues to inspire person involvement


Presenting: Visuals are applied to current or explain information and facts

Training: Visible aids are used to illustrate discovering details

Facilitating: Flip chart is applied to document group’s concepts and input.


Presenting: Presenter communicates mostly one particular way from presenter to audience

Teaching: Trainer utilizes involvement so contributors can discover from other individuals and retain fascination

Facilitating: Facilitator manages the system of conversation that will take put amongst staff members