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Tips To Use These 5 iTunes Encoders


When you are importing files from your iTunes to your Apple device, it is important to use encoders. Not only the music, you can use the choice of encoders to import video files as well. Your choice of encoders plays a vital role so you should make a decision wisely. Whether you are creating your own library or starting to rip music CDs, it’s better to collect essential details about the iTunes encoding and strive to understand how it works.

You need to know about these five encoders. Select iTunes then go to preferences and general edit preference. You need to click on the import setting button to see the options in import setting preferences. Now, find these five encoders as mentioned below:

AAC Encoder: It can be used for all music. But check AIFF, Apple Lossless, and WAV to burn an audio CD at a high quality with the ripped songs. It’s better if you select the high-quality option from the menu.

AIFF Encoder: If you are using a Mac, burn the song to an audio CD using AIFF. You can avail the highest possible quality with this but you should know that it requires enough space. Click on the automatic option from the setting menu. You need not changing the AIFF format as you need to convert them to ACC or MP3 for the songs you tend to transfer to your iPod, shuffle or MP3.

Apple Lossless Encoder: If you are searching an encoder for songs that you want to burn onto audio CDs or for playing on iPods, you better use Apple Lossless Encoder. These are very small files (about 60%-70% of the size of the AIFF version) so that they don’t hiccup on playback.

MP3 Encoder: Select the MP3 format if you want to burn songs on MP3 CDs or if you play on MP3 or on your iPod. Every time you use an encoder to select the right format for the right device, you better select the high-quality option from the pop-up menu.

WAV Encoder: When searching the highest-quality sound format and transferring process on your PC. WAV Encoder works perfectly but it also takes some space (about 10MB per minute). Select the automatic option form the pop-up menu setting while burning the song to an audio CD or using WAV with PCs.

You need not using WAV while transferring the files to your iPod or MP3 CDs. Use MP3 instead. Search a professional iTunes Encoding service going online or look for a professional service for the basic encoding service.