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Things to Look for in an AutoResponder


An AutoResponder can be defined as a program that answers your emails automatically when received. They can be complex or very simple. So as to understand what an AutoResponder is, think of emailing system that is set in a way that it can respond automatically using prewritten texts or a system that is able to fill out forms as it searches for any further information on what is on offer.

Success in internet marketing

The very success in internet marketing can be achieved by automating the most repetitive tasks as you can. The AutoResponder can be very helpful as they can allow you to be much more effective and they can help you to accomplish so much more within a very little time. Time is a very valuable thing. If you are able to use time effectively, then you will be able to increase income in a great way.

What to look for

There are several things that are very essential and should be considered when choosing the best AutoResponder. They include:

Personalization features

Personalization is a great way of addressing all subscribers by their names within your letters. When you do this, your response rate actually increases. More people are likely to open messages and review them when they are made personally. Insisting on AutoResponder personalization will give you great returns.

Ability to broadcast

When you think of special announcements, updates and discount offers that are aimed at an entire list, then the ability to broadcast be a feature that can be really helpful. You may get a very quick response after you have sent out the messages. You only need to press the send button and everyone will know what is on offer.

The ability to import

Sometimes you may want to migrate those lists or even purchased lists and if you have the import feature, then this becomes very easy and fast to achieve.

Restrictions on size

As you continue doing your online marketing, then you will end up having very large lists of customers. Your AutoResponder should be in a position to handle these numbers of subscribers without any trouble. Being able to manage the long lists is an added advantage.

The very first of the AutoResponder kind was created by agents within the mail transfer sector and they realized that it wasn’t possible to deliver emails to a certain address but rather got the bounce messages. Today, it is a very important thing to ensure that email backscatter isn’t created because the auto responses can actually be sent to spam folder of messages.

AutoResponders are important email marketing tools and they give important information to various prospective customers. Fallow ups are also done within time intervals that are preset.


AutoResponders can be categorized into two. They are the server side that enables different users to install the system on their servers and no technical skills are needed. There are also the outsourced ASP models that can operate in infrastructure of the provider. Configuration can be done through a control panel based on the web.