Home Business Smart CEO’S Adding New Vacation Fringe Benefit Resulting in 300% Productivity ROI

Smart CEO’S Adding New Vacation Fringe Benefit Resulting in 300% Productivity ROI

Smart CEO’S Adding New Vacation Fringe Benefit Resulting in 300% Productivity ROI

Smart CEO’s, Presidents, and especially business owners, have found a way to strategically use their benefits package as a means to drive greater productivity and innovation while getting a significant burst in employee morale.

What have these savvy executives figured out that the rest haven’t? They have discovered and acknowledged that workplace stress is directly linked to lower productivity, higher turnover, worker’s compensation claims, and ever increasing medical insurance due to stress-related expenses and they have added a vacation benefit offered by Rovia called DreamTrips to their corporate benefits program which allows their employees the opportunity to take amazing vacations at even more amazing prices.

These forward looking decision makers understood they would gain from these six critical points:

Productivity. Independent studies indicate that employers can expect for every dollar they spend on vacation benefits they will get three dollars in return in increased productivity.

Recovery Reduces Medical Expenses. World class athletes across the globe realized that recovery was as important, if not more than, intense training and a customized diet. Without proper recovery the body and mind cannot perform at superior levels and will eventually breakdown. Common sense dictates employers need to be proactive in their employee’s wellness.

Innovation. Being exposed to different cultures and new scenery change often alters the mind towards innovative thinking and inspires significant breakthroughs. What does one good idea or new product mean to your company’s bottom line?

Loyalty. Almost all companies claim that their people are their best asset. Very few actually demonstrate it. A vacation benefit package creates a loyalty and appreciativeness the likes that business has never seen and gives the business an advantage for talent acquisition.

Prestige. When a company offers a unique and high quality benefit the entire organization is perceived in a greater light. Leaders have the opportunity to get a leg up on the competition and have an edge in talent acquisition.

Sense of Worth. When a company expresses their appreciation for a job well done by offering a vacation benefits package, they enhance their relationship with the employee. The employee gains a sense of self worth in the process.

With the economy showing signs of improvement, smart business leaders are using this exceptional new fringe benefit to the greatest advantage by showing their employees they have been appreciated.