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Reasons Why Company Owners Should Invest in Export Control Software


Non-compliant trades could dampen a company’s prospects in the long run. Awareness of several regulations is necessary at today’s date. Unfortunately, the companies who fail to become “up-to-date” suffer legal ramifications. On the other hand, companies that are well-versed with the rules would reap benefits from a different perspective. The United States prohibits individuals or companies from exporting or providing services to the companies enlisted on export denial and related lists.

The problem

Well, anyone would obviously think of reviewing lists before they deal with their trade partners, but the problem is how would anyone review an assortment of lists at a very small time? Isn’t it tedious? And, what about updates? Meanwhile, it would also be hurting the business without any trades.

The solution

To find out whether they are dealing with undesirable entities or not, the companies can take the help of export control software having wide-ranging features. Coming with their own versions, quite a few software vendors have attempted in offering “all-inclusive” software system. It is important for companies to invest in this software and the reasons are plenty to support this fact. Let us learn about some of them in the following:

Denied parties list – The software encompasses an extensive watch list that enlists all those companies which are non-compliant to regulations of the US and abroad. Finding out information about the trade partners is an easy task to carry with the help of this software. The businesses can avoid trouble by using it.

Up-to-date – One doesn’t need to bring in new lists on a regular period to verify about a trade partner, absolutely not. Since the software regularly updates those lists, the businesses can identify whether their partner or would-be partner complies with regulations or not.

Bulk screening – Examining a company’s ITAR compliance status would turn into a daunting task for a person if he/she doesn’t rely on the software. With so many companies out there, it would become extremely tough if no bulk screening feature in the software. Thus, the software systems with bulk screening feature offer a great deal.

Versatility – A feature like a hold and resolution in the software allows people to put a trade on hold until complete clearance is offered by the compliance officer. This, in turn, helps in carrying out the process without any further delays of shipment or business. These software packages with certain versatile options are worth investing.

Reduced workload – Reference about bulk screening indicates how workload can be reduced with the help of this software. Obviously, any company would look for an efficient method that enhances their productivity without much dereliction. Thus, some software systems like this fulfill that requirement of a company.

Affordable – A company that needs to check the lists for ECCN or HTS classification, doesn’t need to invest a fortune on buying these software packages. The software vendors can provide feasible software solutions to the companies as per their requirements while charging an affordable cost for it.