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Opening a Dollar Store – Effective New Merchandise Stocking Basics


If you are opening a dollar store one of the things to remember is the importance of having newly received merchandise on display and for sale as quickly as possible following receipt of that merchandise. By allowing newly arrived merchandise to sit in the receiving area you are losing money. That lost income could actually be the difference between profit and loss for your business.

While it is easy to get sidetracked with other tasks and to delay formal receiving, pricing and stocking of newly-arrived merchandise that is a mistake. As time passes other merchandise will arrive. Soon the merchandise that has been sitting in the receiving area for the longest will be buried behind boxes of more recently received product. Just as quickly key merchandise will be out of stock on the sales floor, yet cases of that very merchandise will be hidden in the receiving area. If you are opening a dollar store never allow that to happen to you.

If newly-arrived merchandise is not on the sales floor and ready for sale it cannot be sold to your shoppers. If that newly-arrived merchandise cannot be sold it will not make you money. When opening a dollar store do not allow this to happen to you. Develop a strategy to eliminate the possibility that this will happen in your store.

Are you opening a dollar store? Remember that the methods that you use are less important than the fact freight is quickly received and onto the sales floor. There are several easy methods for handling this challenge. Designated receiving and stocking personnel can be hired, time limits can placed on how long newly-received freight is allowed to sit in the receiving and stock room areas, extra employees can be scheduled on designated freight days, receiving and stocking can become a part of all employee jobs and job expectations, and other methods can be used to insure that the right focus is being placed on quickly receiving and stocking newly-received merchandise.

After opening a dollar store you will find that management of incoming freight is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are maximizing earnings. The important thing to make this happen is to simply recognize the importance and to insure that you are disciplined in always quickly receiving and then stocking you incoming freight.

To Your Dollar Store Success!