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HSBC Singapore – Benefits of High Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

HSBC Singapore – Benefits of High Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

HSBC Bank is one of the famous banks in Singapore offering various financial products. Some of the best investment products are:

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Fixed Deposit
  • HSBC Premier Account
  • Foreign Currency Deposit Fixed Deposit Account

You can visit any of the following HSBC Branches in Singapore to invest in any of these products.

  • HSBC Claymore Branch, Claymore Hill, Singapore.
  • HSBC Collyer Quay Branch, Singapore.
  • HSBC Holland Village Branch, Holland Avenue, Singapore.
  • HSBC Jurong Branch, Jurong East Street, Singapore.
  • HSBC Marine Parade Branch, Marine Parade, Singapore.

There are more HSBC branches in Singapore. You can find the exact location of the branches in the Bank website.

Fixed Deposit – High Interest Rates:

HSBC Singapore offers high interest rates for the this deposit. This rate is one of the best time deposit rate available from the banks in Singapore. The interest rates vary periodically and you have to check the bank website or related website to get the latest interest rates.

Benefits of High Fixed Deposit Interest Rates:

  • The current time deposit rates offered by HSBC is considered to be one of the best interest offered by the banks in Singapore.
  • This gives you a good return on investment for the same amount and the same time period.
  • If you invest in a Singapore dollar deposit, you can get better returns when compared to a normal savings account. This is one of the smart way to earn more money for your investments.
  • The high interest time deposits will be renewed automatically on expiry of the investment date.