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How to Develop Innovative Ideas at Work

How to Develop Innovative Ideas at Work

Are you stuck with your work projects? Can’t proceed? Or, simply procrastinating? This article pours insights on how you can accumulate innovative ideas at work. Read on to find out.

Here are four great ways:

1) Surf the web: Free your mind and remove anxiety from your heart. Then browse over the web on topics related to your work projects. Find out what really exists out there and how much has already been researched and implemented. Take notes. After a short break, mull over them and naturally new ideas will start to fall together. You get back your stamina and can’t wait to get started!

2) Hold conversations with the important people at work: Schedule discussion times for 20-30 minutes with your Boss and one or two significant co-workers. Tell them how much you have done and ask them what would the best way to proceed from there would be. Give them options. Have them researched beforehand. Never say you are stuck with your projects. They will be most willing to offer you advice and from there, your spectrum of innovative ideas will stretch and broaden.

3) Prepare a questionnaire: Yes, create a hard copy questionnaire and hand over copies to as many co-workers as you would like. Keep the level of questions at a moderate difficulty level so that you can hand over a few copies to your friends and laypeople you know. Then start collecting them back from them and do some research based on their feedback. You will definitely build up awesome and enriching ideas about what people like and want and how you can refine your projects and leverage them to give maximum benefit to your company and beyond.

4) Hold a seminar: At your workplace hold a seminar with your co-workers including probably your boss. Present all your work and their challenges. Welcome questions from the audience. You also ask open questions. This will cater for a broader discussion on your work projects and definitely and honestly you will invite fresher and newer ideas from many of those who participated in the seminar.

Summing up, these four ways should get you started and moving with your work projects instead of wondering what to do and worst of all, procrastinating. As you assemble innovative ideas from these channels, you will find your work much more motivating than ever and you will find yourself unstoppable. Isn’t that cool?