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Grandeur Investment in Solar Energy to Ameliorate the Power Production


The International Energy Investments Group, established in Dublin has commenced a couple of solar power plants in France and the company has spent nearly €15 million for this venture and planning to invest an extra €140 million in other European Union solar power facilities. International Energy Investments Group is expert in solar energy projects and they are allocating large investment in energy and they welcome energy investments from foreign countries and companies. Power plant is placed in the Rhone-Alpes region and it has two separate photovoltaic power plants which have the capacity to generate nearly three megavolt power. This power plant is fabricated and developed by SOLON Investments, largest producer of solar power in the world and the power plant is expected to produce power for more than 3000 people per annum. The Chief Executive Officer of the International Energy Investments Group Peter McCarthy articulated that, during the construction phase the quality and the professionalism followed by the SOLON has encouraged the company to furnish such large investment and the company is eager to work with SOLON Investments in their future projects.

Summerland Health Centre and the Penticton Regional Hospitals are adopting solar energy in their new venture to reduce the price spent on energy and to enhance the efficiency of energy. The Public Sector Energy Conservation Agreement is showing more interests to provide investments in energy so recently it has apportioned $506,250 to Interior Health for purchasing and installing 140 solar thermal facilities. Penticton Regional Hospital will be funded for the development of 80 solar thermal boards to warm nearly half of its domestic hot water. After this implementation it will reduce the emission of carbon from the hospital and it would be around 37 metric tons. Ted Spearin, Energy Manager asserted that, the competition for Public Sector Energy Conservation Agreement is growing intensely and the PSECA has furnished the Interior Health with 2.3 million USD.

Tigo Energy, the leading solar power manufacturing group has mentioned that, the company will blend with Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd, largest producer of solar crystalline silicon boards and they will produce novel smart panel that can be used in the installations of solar photovoltaic cell. The coactions are formed, to discover a new technology to enlarge the efficiency of the solar power and with the help of this equipment around 99.5 percent of the power can be conserved without any discharge of special heat. The Maximizer solution is embedded in the junction boxes of the solar panels and they are very compact, weightless and it is very easy to handle.