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Forget Billionaire and Millionaires – 3 Tips to Claim Your Status As a Thousandaire!


This article is meant to assist you to define your own financial security in life and achieve financial abundance! The essence of today’s message will resonate for each person differently because financial abundance is unique for each person.

Not everyone has to be a Billionaire, or Millionaire in life to feel financially secure. Some people may strive to be Thousandaires! You may be asking, is Thousandaire a word? Well…should it be?!

Why is it socially acceptable to label some as Millionaires or Billionaires, but we look at someone as odd if they were proud to be labeled a Thousandaire?

What’s wrong with being a Thousandaire? Is it because a Thousandaire is considered the average? I know…there is no distinction between social classes with this fictitious label right? Technically, most of us are Thousandaire’s!

To digress, is it on the same social level as a student touting they are an “A” student or “B” student? We are trained from childhood that being a “C” student is just average and just getting by? However should Thousandaires be labeled the same as having a C in school?

Would you not look at someone respectfully if they made an income of $900,000 per year? Do they not fit in as a Thousandaire by definition? Suppose that same person on paper is worth $950,000? To date, a six figure income is still considered upper class in America. When judging finances from this perspective, why would we frown at someone claiming to be a Thousandaire? Perhaps I will look into submitting a request to add Thousandaire to the Webster Dictionary.

The point of the article is to awaken our consciousness differently so that we can define a life-time of financial abundance! For some, abundance is having enough, while for others it is about having real wealth that last for generations.

If I were a proverbial Genie, and could grant you a wish that simply said you will never be financially broke. That you will always have enough, for any life pursuit. Every trip paid for, every material need satisfied. Imagine you could throw out your credit cards and carry one debit card that is good virtually everywhere? How cool would that be? How would this change your life? Abundance is unique for us all!

In society, we are quick to label and measure our own financial status by examining what we physically have in the bank. When you ask someone the question, what does having a million dollars mean to you? You will get a variety of answers! A typical response, may be “it means freedom,” “to do whatever I want,” “the ability to travel or shop when I choose.” What would you do if someone gave you a million dollars?

“I would pay all of my bills, and help my family with their finances.” “I would buy a house,” “I would buy a car!” “I would travel!”

Most would probably agree that a million dollars is much easier to spend today verse its comparable value 30 years ago. If that is the case, then how much money do you need to define your own financial security?

Strive to define your own abundance and what it means to you! In reality, money is a form of energy that reflects how you feel about your finances. The income you attract in your life is your perception on how you feel about money and what it does for you. For example, If you feel that you do not have enough money, then you may view yourself with a life of scarcity. You never have enough to make ends meet and there is lack in your life.

Here are 3 ways to make positive changes to your financial situation:

  1. Think of changing your thought process and visualize your financial situation more positively! On a daily basis, wake up and imagine that you have a bank account that will financially support you for life. Instead of striving to be a millionaire, affirm that you want enough money to take care of all your life pursuits!
  2. Think about what you have verse what is scarce or missing. In other words, think positively about your financial situation and you will find over time your finances will improve.
  3. Also create daily affirmations that include the blessings you already have! Be thankful for your ability to attract enough money in your life!