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Broker Price Opinions and IMacros Achilles’ Heels

Broker Price Opinions and IMacros Achilles’ Heels

Yes, heels is plural. For kicks, let’s imagine we’re building some basic iMacros scripts:




CONTENT= is the Column number of the CSV export, and ATTR=NAME is identifying which field the data will be sent into on the form. If this script is for a single valuation company, then what this means is that Column 1 will be input here, Column 2 there, and so forth. So what are iMacros Achilles heels for Broker Price Opinion form fill automation?

Achilles’ Heel #1: Data run through iMacros cannot be saved and manipulated within a database

This really hurts because as we progress BPO’s will continue to become more and more data driven. Data drives more precision to a Broker Price Opinion. In order for us as an industry to use data to our advantage, we need to host our data. iMacros does not have this ability in its current state. Could it be designed as a hybrid with a database? Possibly, but then we run into the next issue.

Achilles’ Heel #2: The CSV file must output the same criteria in the same ordered columns

Have you ever signed up for iMacros based automation and been told your MLS is not compatible with the software? The truth is as long as your MLS can output a CSV file then it is compatible. However, there are a decent portion of MLS systems out there which export to CSV but do not allow header column orders to be changed. That means before the CSV file can be run through the iMacro you would have to manually order each column to match what you see above in the original iMacros script. What if one MLS has “Address” in the 1st column but another MLS has the “Property Type” in column 1? Here lies the flaw. You would get property type data input into your sale_comp_1_address field. There is no time saved organizing all the columns to correct this flaw, in fact time is lost. The only other solution would be to write a custom script for every different MLS output, but that just isn’t practical.

To summarize, we haven’t necessarily been using iMacros in our industry for form fill because it’s been good. We’ve been using it because it’s been the only viable option on the market.

Disclaimer: iMacros is a worldwide product designed to easily fill forms and automate web browser processes. I respect the work they have been able to accomplish on a massive scale. I still use iMacros for a variety of other business tasks. I’m merely identifying why their product falls short for specifically processing Broker Price Opinion form fill automation.