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A Shortcut to Stock Trading Success – Learn to Trade Stock Easily and Make Money the Easy Way!


When you made your first attempt to trade stocks, one of the things holding you back might be the stock picking problem. Hence, you are keen on searching for ways to learn to trade stock. You might have stumbled upon some hard ways and yet to find a simple way to trade stocks.

Most of us had the impression of where we should be researching and analyze every single details of a company before investing in it. Occasionally, we had even being encouraged to rely heavily on technical indicators and technical materials. Focusing too much on the technical indicators could somehow bring much more confusion to a trader and thus not making a precise decision while trying to pick a stock to invest in. This is how we often overlook on some obvious great opportunities lying in front of us.

Being an analytical person, doing as much research, focusing much on technical indicators, might not be good strategies for everyone. I like to keep things as simple as possible for myself, yet making a decent amount of profit throughout the trading session.

The Shortcut Method

Learn to trade stock with the hidden method that I have found, be confident when you pick stocks, be discipline, organizing a good money management strategy, you can be rest assured to earn around 50 – 70 ticks per day (ranging around $50 – $700 or more per day, depending on your amount of investment). Now how do you get this result? The real shortcut way to do it, is to trade the gap differences of a stock index (and you need to trade within the first 30 minutes after the market opens!). Besides that, do not forget to set a stop loss, along with an exit point. That is what you really need to do, to make that kind of profit.