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5 Ways To Reduce Your Quad Bike Insurance Premium

5 Ways To Reduce Your Quad Bike Insurance Premium

Insurance is a necessary evil in order to ensure that your vehicle is road legal; this applies to quad bikes and ATV’s also. Having adequate quad bike insurance is a prerequisite to being able to ride on public roads, but is an unwanted expense. As a result, quad owners are always looking for ways to reduce their insurance premiums.

Here are five ways in which you can help secure a cheap quad insurance quote.

1. Invest in Security

Insurance premiums are calculated on risk so the more risk to quad bike, the higher the insurance premium is. Investing in a security system for you bike such as a ground anchor will make it more difficult to steal, therefore reducing the risk of your insurance company having to pay compensation which lowers your premium. Adding a chain and lock to your quad will also lower the insurance premium.

2. Store Your Quad In A Garage

It is a fact that over £5m worth of quad bikes are stolen in the UK every year; the chances of your quad being stolen from a garage are much reduced when compared with leaving it in a garden or on a drive. Therefore your quad insurance premium will reflect this reduction in risk.

3. Maintain Low Mileage

Limiting the amount of mileage that you do on your quad bike limits the possibility of having an accident; the more time you are using the quad, the more time you are exposed to the road and traffic, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident occurring. Also, maintaining low mileage will cause less wear and tear on your quad and so repair bills will be a lot smaller.

4. Quad Insurance Online

Many quad insurance companies offer discounts if you arrange your policy with them online. This is because if you fill in all of your details and that of the bike and obtain an electronic quote, the insurance company does not need to employ someone to answer the phone and arrange the cover for you, thus reducing their administration costs. These savings are then passed on to you as an online discount.

5. Keep Your License Clean

This may sound obvious, but insurance companies consider individuals with previous driving convictions to be a higher risk to insure than those who have a clean license. Therefore, keeping your license clean is a great way to ensure that you are offered the best value for money insurance cover and it is not inflated by your past record. However, if you do have previous motoring convictions, do not worry; after a set amount of time, which is dependent upon the nature of the initial offence, they are wiped off your license and it will be clean again – just ensure that you keep it this way!

Overall then, there are many things that you can do to reduce the cost of your quad bike insurance; the majority of them are actions that most quad owners would take naturally to protect their quad.